Agnes Solitaire


The game begins with dealing 28 cards to the tableau, arranged as seven stacks from one to seven cards each. All cards are dealt face up. One more card is dealt to the first foundation to determine the starting rank (Five in Figure). The remaining cards form the stock.

There are seven reserve cells under the foundations. Initially they are empty. Every time you click the stock, seven new cards are dealt to the reserve face up until the stock is exhausted.


The object of Agnes is to arrange the cards up in suit into four foundations. The cards of the starting rank must be played the first.


You can build tableau columns down by alternate color. When building tableau piles, you can move one card or a block of cards forming the tableau sequence.

You can move the free card of a tableau to the foundations, and a free reserve card either to the foundations or to the tableaus.

If a space in the tableau is created, you can move a card or a block of cards to the empty space.