Chinese Solitaire


The game begins with dealing 49 cards to the tableau, arranged as seven stacks of seven cards each. The first three stacks are dealt with all cards face up; the 4th has three cards face down and four face up; the 5th has four cards face down and three face up; the 6th has five cards face down and two face up; and the 7th has six cards face down and one face up. The three remaining cards are set aside to form the stock.


The object of the game is to build four foundation piles up in suit running from Ace to King.


You can build tableau columns down by alternate color. You can move any card or a block of opened cards.

In Figure, you can place 8 on 9 and then place 4 on 5.

If a tableau space is created, only Kings can be moved to the empty space.

After you have exhausted all the plays among the tableaus and foundations, take a card from the stock. Every time you click the stock, one card is dealt to the waste pile. The top card of the waste pile can be moved to either the foundations or tableau. When the stock is exhausted, click it to turn down the waste pile and to use it as a new stock.