Napoleon’s Tomb Solitaire


The Napoleon’s Tomb is a two-decks patience. The game is begun by dealing 44 cards to the Reserve1, arranged as four stacks of 11 cards each. These are the walls of the tomb. All cards are dealt face down. Four tableaus are outside the well. Four foundations are between the tableaus. The remaining cards form the stock. The waste piles are above the stock.


The object of the game is to build four foundation piles up in suit running twice King to Ace (26 cards each).


You can build tableau piles up in suit. Only the top card of a pile is available to play. In Figure, you can move K to the foundation.

An Ace can be put into the center of the tomb (Reserve2). In Figure you can move A to it. On this Ace, you can build up the reserve suit. When building it, you can move more than one card if they constitute the tableau sequence.

An empty space in the tableau can be filled with any card. Empty spaces in the Reserve1 cannot be filled.

Clicking the stock deals five cards to the waste piles. When the stock is exhausted, click it to collect the waste piles and to use it as a new stock without shuffling. The next time the stock will turn four cards at a time to the waste piles, then three, then two and at last only one card.