Pyramid Solitaire


The Pyramid is a one-deck patience. The game is begun by dealing 28 cards to the tableau. The remaining cards form the stock. Two waste piles are under the stock.


The object of the game is to remove all cards by pairs.


You can remove pairs of cards with total value of 13: Queen and Ace, Jack and Two, Ten and Three and so on. The King can be removed alone. To remove a pair, click each of two cards. Only free cards are available to play. In Figure, you can remove 10 with 3 and 7 with 6.

After you have exhausted all the plays among the tableaus, click the stock to deal two cards to the waste piles. Next time you click the stock, one card will be dealt to the left waste pile while the card from it will jump to the right waste pile. You can make up pairs from free tableau cards and the top cards of the waste piles.

The stock can be reused twice.